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Experts will tell you that going through a Shelton divorce is a life altering event often accompanied by acute trauma and periods of chaos.  This is particularly true if your marriage has spanned a significant amount of time and children are involved.  When many of our clients contact us for the first time, their lives feel like a roller coaster, and they are looking for us to restore some stability

Few things in life compare to having your world ripped apart.  You suddenly find yourself staring into a void of uncertainty.  Who is going to move out the community residence?  Who is going to pay what bills?  How is the use of our property, such as cars, going to be divided?  What's going to happen to the children while our divorce is pending?  We know exactly what you are going through, and our Shelton divorce attorneys are here to help you catch your breath and get back on your feet.

A Shelton divorce or Washington State family law matter is typically initiated by filing a petition with the Mason County Superior Court.  In many cases, a motion for temporary orders is also simultaneously filed.  A good Shelton divorce lawyer can do many things to ensure that your case is successfully involved.  In our opinion, it's absolutely vital to get your Shelton divorce off on the right foot.

This is because a misstep during the early stages or the temporary orders part of your case can have drastic repercussions down the road.  This is hwy our Shelton divorce attorneys always begin every case in the exact same way.  We start by listening very carefully to our clients and by working with them to achieve a set of actionable goals at the VERY BEGINNING of their case.

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We start every Shelton divorce off by listening to our clients because nobody knows with you or your family more intimately and what is best for them than you yourself.  Developing and implementing a detailed and goal-oriented strategy from the beginning of your case accomplishes a number of things all at once.

Divorce Attorney Shelton | Washington State Divorce Lawyers | Mason County Family Law Attorneys